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Kind of drum: Davoul / Side drum

Both sides with high quality plastic skin with a natural appearance. On the bass side you get a double layer bass drum skin with bass-enhancing rings for a deep, clear bass sound. On the opposite side there is a thin, single layered skin for high pitched sounds.

Using one of my own, specially developed, tuning system, you can change the pitch of your drum in seconds.

The body is made from beech, birch or pine wood in a colour of your choice; it is light, and highly durable.

How wide the body of your drum should be depends on your own body. To secure a perfect fit and be comfortable for playing you should measure the space between your left and right pelvic bone. It should be somewhere between 11” and 14” (27,5 and 35 cm.)

Price depends on diameter of skin. The most common sizes are:

18“ (body-diameter approx. 45,0cm, ring-diameter approx. 48,5cm)
20“ (body-diameter approx. 50,0cm, ring-diameter approx. 55,0cm)
22“ (body-diameter approx. 55,0cm, ring-diameter approx. 60,0cm)
24" (body-diameter approx. 60,0cm, ring-diameter approx. 65,0cm)
28“ (body-diameter approx. 70,0cm, ring-diameter approx. 75,0cm)

Want a special size? Just ask for the price.