Kind of drum: Davoul / Side drum
RINGS (ONE PAIR): To keep the weight of my drums as low as possible I use wooden rings.
Even though these are incredibly durable they are made “only” of wood
They might therefore break at the use of force or when handled carelessly.
If you want to change your rings yourself, I'll send you a new pair.

Kind of drum: Davoul / Side drum

All wear parts can be ordered separately- just ask.

On request I also fix new rings, ropes, holders for cymbals or polish up the glaze or whatever else you may ask.


for selfmade Frame-Drums.

Exemple 1: for Bodhran, Diameter 54,5 cm, 7,2 cm width, 1,6 cm thick. Raw material.

bendir 01

rahmentrommel 2

Exemple 2: for Katem, Diameter 15", 15 cm width, 0,8 cm thick. Raw material.

Different sizes, ask me.