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The tubular body to carry against the body,
both sides with durable, coated plastic head in a natural appearance
by rope and sliding leather straps.
Is beaten with two wooden or felt mallets on the overhead skin.
Body height and head diameter selected.

Height as desired
Diameter 14 "(body-diameter 35 cm, ring outside diameter 38 cm)
Diameter 16 "(body-diameter 40 cm, ring outside diameter approx 43 cm)

The sound is significantly improved by using a Muffl-damping ring under the batter head.
Ring is optionally used, it is below the upper skin and filters out unwanted harmonics, so that a sound is produced with fat volume, but that can not unfold long singing reverberation.

The easiest way is just to insert this ring when building the drum !



Sturdy leather straps for regulating the skin sound.

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The tensioning rope is pulled through the upper ring
so it does not interfere with playing.
Moreover, my rings have a
(atypical of field drums)
low overhang, which
helps prevent unwanted edge shots.
On the lower ring, the rope is guided around the ring,
so that when setting down the barrel of the ring
protected from excessive wear due to contact with the floor.
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Built-in metal rings allow.
the hook of the strap easily
mount. Through effective measures
is rattling the ring prevented.

Other special sizes manufactured, price on request.

The leather straps are made ​​of sturdy WALKleather,

They are as desired either in natural color
(very light brown)
or in desired color.
Here are the possible colors
(the photo is the real effect may again inaccurate ...)

Kind of drum: Davoul / Side drum

Ask for different sizes, look for the special strap-system!

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